First Harvest & World Okapi Day

In July, we launched our farm initiative, which aims to establish a more sustainable food supply for the orphan gorillas at GRACE (see blog post for more). We are very excited to announce that we just harvested our first crop: elephant grass! Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) is a
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A Day at GRACE

I am awakened by the sun’s rays filtering through my window. I know it is now 6:30. I climb out of bed to peer through the elephant grass, over the peaceful villages of Katoyo and Kasugho, and into the great Congo Basin. I brush my teeth and arm myself with a comb to tame the unruly m
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It’s the people

By Claire Martin, Disney Conservation Programs Manager & Rachel Daneault, Primate Zoological Manager, Disney’s Animal Kingdom “Are you taking guns in with you?” was one of the more matter-of-fact questions we were asked when we told people that we were heading to eastern Democrati
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