Watch the GRACE Gorillas Live!

In partnership with, we’ve launched a new livestream at GRACE. Every day, you can watch the gorillas play, eat, and rest together in their forest habitat at GRACE.
Learn more about the work that made this project possible in our blog and get the know the GRACE gorillas by watching each day on our livestream!

GRACE is proud to announce our accreditation via the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries!

What is accreditation and what does it mean for GRACE? From the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries website:

Not all sanctuaries are created equal. Animal care is a poorly regulated industry, and thousands of organizations worldwide which describe themselves as “sanctuaries” or “rescues” do not provide quality or humane care for their animals.

For all people invested in the welfare of captive animals, including donors, grantmakers, supporters and legislators, there is a shared desire to differentiate true sanctuaries. Through our evaluation process, GFAS can ensure that those designated as GFAS-Verified or Accredited uphold the highest standards for the animals in their care.

Read more about our accreditation on the GRACE blog...

Partnering with local communities to rehabilitate and conserve critically endangered Grauer’s gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo.





Learn about where we operate in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.


Grauer’s gorillas remaining in the wild.

Grauer’s gorilla numbers have declined by 80% in the last 20 years. Within 10 years they could be extinct.


GRACE has won numerous awards for its programs, which focus on saving endangered species and ecosystems, environmental and economic sustainability, lifting people out of poverty, and providing resources to local communities.

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