Born: 2011
Rescued: 2012

Isangi’s family was killed by poachers when she was around 9 months old and she was taken by an armed group who then gave her to a Congolese community group in the village of Isangi (where she gets her name). They cared for her for some time until giving her to a Kahuzi-Biega park ranger in September 2012.

Isangi is tough for surviving the ordeal that took her from her family group and also she walks around almost as if she is the dominant female, with a very strong stance just like Pinga! Arriving at GRACE in mid-2013, Isangi immediately wanted to be in with the gorilla group. She is quite mischievous and, during her quarantine, she could be seen sneaking up to the caregivers buckets of food and stealing some tasty treats for herself! Isangi immediately took to the other gorillas upon her introduction and she can almost always be seen playing! She has very close bonds with Shamavu and Lubutu.


Isangi’s best friends

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 See Isangi shortly after her rescue, before arriving at GRACE

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Meet more of the GRACE gorillas

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