Born: 2010
Rescued: 2010

In early 2010, rumors began circulating about a young gorilla that was being offered for sale in the Walikale region of eastern DRC. That gorilla, barely a year old at the time, was Ndjingala. Named after the place where she was rescued, Ndjingala was in bad shape when she was found. Her captors had tied her using a rope around her waist, which had worn deep cuts into her hips. Ndjingala also was quite sick. A week after her rescue, she was treated multiple times for vomiting, dehydration, and a respiratory illness. Ndjingala’s health slowly improved, and she eventually joined Amani, Kighoma, and Mapendo in Goma. She was part of the first group of gorillas to move to GRACE in April 2010.

Ndjingala gets along well with all others but prefers to interact with other females, especially Amani who has been her best friend since they first met in Goma. Ndjingala loves to play and has a bit of a goofy side. She likes to open her mouth and show off her big front teeth, which she still needs to grow into. She is started to be interested in mothering younger gorillas and often carries them around on her back.


Ndjingala’s best friends

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Meet more of the GRACE gorillas

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