29 12, 2017


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Kighoma (kee-OH-ma) Male Born: 2009 Rescued: 2010 Kighoma was held captive in Buniatenge, near the Tayna Nature Reserve in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, by a militia group. Such groups often keep young gorillas and other wildlife as ‘mascots’. He was rescued by [...]

29 12, 2017


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Kalonge (kah-LONG-ghee) Female Born: 2012 Rescued: 2014 Kalonge was confiscated by the Congolese wildlife authority in March 2014 after villagers discovered her caught in a snare set near village called Kalonge by Kahuzi-Biega National Park. Kalonge was thin and dehydrated when found and [...]

29 12, 2017


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Itebero (ee-TEY-beer-roh) Female Born: 2002 Rescued: 2004 Itebero was only about one-and-a-half years old when she was confiscated from poachers and was named after the village in eastern DRC where she was rescued. Itebero is very intelligent and is considered the smartest gorilla at [...]

29 12, 2017


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Amani (ah-MAH-nee) Female Born: 2007 Rescued: 2009 Amani was rescued in 2009 as part of a 3-month investigation by the Congolese wildlife authority that culminated in a sting operation at the Goma airport. On the day she was rescued, Amani was found stuffed into [...]